About Us


I'm Stephen Hartley, the founder of Healself.co.uk, I've been a believer in Natural Healing my whole life.

Having spent most of my childhood summers in Norway, with it's fresh water lakes and natural open terrain, ideal for healthy living. The comparrison could be made between Norway and England that easily identified Norway as being the healthiest.

At the age of 20, I went to live in Norway, even completing 1 years National Service in the Kings Guards. I returned to England after 3 years, anxious to get on with a career and happened to fall into fixing computers.

Although I understand computers and people are very different the basis of troubleshooting is much the same; Find the cause of a problem and illiminate it, (something Doctors do not do.)

I have engaged in a wide variety of activities and jobs which satisfied my desire to learn. And it's this that I see as my best attribute, to learn, put pieces of the jigsaw together and ultimately to understand.

I always knew that wild plants had some beneficial properties but the information of whats and wheres escaped me until I stumbled onto Jon Barrons website, jonbarron.org. This led to others and soon I had enough facts to assimilate and understand Healing and the Human body.

For the last two years I've been able to practice healing on myself but also monitor other peoples health. I've read extensively and discussed health issues with many people. I am now getting the trust of people I have advised who's health has improved and am confident that all the bases are covered.

My health has improved greatly and the ailment I had is gone. Friends and Family that have let me help them have improved health and unfortunately those who listened instead to the doctors, their good health has demised. (It's never too late for them to change their mind, so long as the Doctors dont remove or section too many of their organs!)