Herbs and Beneficial Foods.


We are in essence talking about everything that we take into our bodies, with the lions share entering the mouth.
Herbs and beneficial foods can do wonderful things but the opposite is also true. It's not just the processed food in plastic packaging with its added preservatives and sweetners that do us harm but the naughty foods that we love are actually killing us!
We all do it, I still do it despite knowing the harm it does.

As one cake or treat usually leads to another, it's probably easiest to go "cold turkey" during healing periods.

Benefits of Fasting.

Dont knock it until you've tried it. I was amazed the first day I had gone without food of any kind, I felt great! The second day was easier as I learned not to put milk in my tea as even a little bit of fat causes a hunger pang. Half way through the third day I decided to eat as I was starting to feel a bit weak. But the experience was eye opening, far from torture it was really mostly pleasant.

It's very good for healing as the body has all its resources available, free of the burden of dealing with our food.

Herb Quality

Unfortunately a lot of our food is grown in nutrient depleted soil and to ensure the Farmer gets a good yield, lots of fertilizers are used. That and the use of pesticides guarantees the Farmer a healthy looking crop.

It is essential for our health and healing that we get the nutrients as nature intended.
The best and simplest way to know if the nutrients are present is by the taste. A simple example; Chilli Peppers, they should be extremely hot. This hot spicy taste is what makes the Chillies work, without it they will not do the job.

Carrots are a good example of when it goes wrong. They are often tasteless when bought from the supermarket, especially after peeling. It's so much better to get organic even if they are skinny. Don't peel them but wash them, scrape them gently and eat them raw. You will then recognise that specific taste and know your getting those beneficial nutrients.

Another point to make is about what we discard from our fruit and veg. Buy organic and discard as little as possible, it is well known that the skins and seeds often hold most of the nutrients. It is less known that the core contains the highest concentration of enzymes.

Three Little Herbs

Disease at the early stages is hard to diagnose but easy to cure. Disease at a late stage is easy to diagnose but hard to cure.

Prevention is best and by having just three herbs at hand it becomes easy to stop disease before it can start.

Garlic, Hot Peppers and Ginger. Most colds start with a sore throat, slice a small amount of Garlic, chew and swallow. With good fresh Garlic the sore throat will go after the 1st or 2nd go. Many auto-immune disorders start because of an infection that could have been remeded at the sore throat stage.

Feeling flu-ish, cold, lack of energy? Start slicing a fresh Red Chilli, hottest bit is at the top. Eat until you get to the hot bits, you've had enough when you feel your head sweat.

Upset stomach or nausea? Go for the fresh Ginger Root, eating a little at a time until you feel better.

Some other ailment? Try them out.
Garlic - Best natural anti-biotic, never fails to kill the bad but leaves the good.
Chilli - Best anti-inflammatory, does many other things.
Ginger - Gets to the extremities, combines well with other herbs.

  • Medicinal plants, provided by nature.

  • A powerful trio to defend yourself, Hot Peppers, Garlic and Ginger.

  • You can grow them yourself!

  • The majority of plants can be eaten.

  • Bane = bad, Wort = Good

  • Its scientific, nutritionists know it.

  • You can't patent a herb!