Mental State


Most people today still believe in their Doctor.
And the Doctors are fully aware of how important this is.
When they give you a prescription and say, "take these and you'll be fine..." The "placebo" effect alone contributes some 30% towards the healing process. It's enough to tip the balance either way.
One major reason for this is how the immune system gets messages from the brain, either to strengthen and rebuild, (when we are happy) or to shutdown, (when we are sad).
The brain is also in contact with every cell in the body and thus your mental state is emanated to all the cells and they respond accordingly.
Stress impairs the immune system as it produces adrenaline it removes resources available to the immune system.


Be happy and assume your in perfect health 100% of the time. Easy. No?

Its good to be honest, with ourselves and other people. If you think your health could be better or you have some strange ailment then you should act. Improve your lifestyle and your mental attitude will improve, its also addictive when you get going :)


Feeling low? Fast!
Its not just for the adoration of God that Vicars and Priests fast. It uplifts your spirits. It really does actually make you feel good. Ahh now you know why they always look so chirpy ;)
Wake up one morning and dont eat. You can drink pure water and if you are planning to work during your fast, perhaps consider juice on the second and third day. Herbel tea is recommended but without milk. Any fats will induce hunger pangs.
The food in your intestines will keep providing you with nutrients for upto 3 days, theres really no problem, its mainly in the mind!


How ever you want to do it, get into it as deeply as you wish but here is the simplest guide.
Sit comfortably with your back straight and take a few deep breaths. Now the hard part. Empty your thoughts!
If this is your first time meditating then you'll have lots of thoughts like, 'why am I doing this','this is stupid','I should be getting on with stuff' etc.
There's a saying, "Do 20 minutes meditation every day, if you haven't got time, do an hour!"
The other thoughts will be things pending on your mind, acknowledge them and let them go.
Your sub-conscience mind does not speak in English! You get to a point of stillness and some amazing things will start to happen. Or at least, you'll feel Great :D

Spreading Happiness

I quote Lisa Tully, "Talk to your neighbours, strangers, give them a smile, even if they dont smile back, it will brighten their day and smiles are contagious..."
"We have the power inside us, Did you know our thoughts are powerful not only individually but collectively as a whole..."
"The Light of God surrounds me, The Love of God enfolds me, The Power of God protects me, The Presence of God watches over me, Where ever I am God Is..."