What We Do


A little bit of knowledge is an amazing thing.

When you KNOW that a certain food is bad for you, to the point of ruining your day and worse in the long term, you can easily stop eating it.

So we need to rectify some of the socially acceptable norms that blinds us from the truth.

The first thing we do at Healself is to have a consultation with you, to make sure you understand the fundemental concepts of what the body needs to be healthy.

A common next step is to design a regime of exercise and diet that suits you but will ensure your health improves. Also a course of herbs be prescribed to service those systems in need of repair.

Digestive System - Correct, Cleanse and Rejuvinate.

Kidney, Pancreas and Liver - Cleanse and Strengthen.

Blood - Cleanse.

Rebuild and Strengthen with Probiotics and Protealytic Enzymes.

Most ailments affecting us today will be remedied by these cleanses/detoxes as they raise the whole health of the body, so that it functions properly again.

In some circumstances it may be massaging you require or you just need spiritual uplifting or your being poisoned by the water supply. If there is an obscure cause to your problem, we'll help you find it.

Our charges are 20 pounds per consultation hour, we are currently offering the first consultation hour free. You pay for any herbs provided and any additional services.

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